Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Multimedia effect is good, but not indiscriminate

S-jun is to teach law at a university, a young teacher, preparing lessons seriously because of his thick foundation coupled with professional, so popular with college students teach. But now it is one thing but plagued with: that the department requires that all courses have to produce multimedia courseware, or not to the podium. S Jun grumbled, said: "multimedia courseware is not difficult for me. But I personally think that some courses may not apply to such means. For example, I teach the contents of the large number of legal provisions need to be addressed, I do have to collect this a large number of fresh cases and the results can be interpreted very clear about the effect the production of courseware is hard to say. "
Words fall caused the author's some thought.

Now in college, making a growing tendency to Multimedia class, the university's courseware competition are well underway. This is undoubtedly the use of modern technology to promote university education means, the use of sound, light, maps, text and other information elements to stimulate the brain and then teach the students new knowledge is beneficial.

But many universities have been "cut" to require all courses to use multimedia teaching and radical rejection of traditional teaching methods. After some investigation, I think this is wrong. Reasons summarized as follows

First, the use of multimedia courseware in a variety of visual, auditory, profile undoubtedly has its excellent irreplaceable, but because of its speed and can operate in kaleidoscope, in some areas there is a kind of foggy for changing course unpredictable feel. Particularly the relatively weak basis for some students, since its about time seems too short and flip so much less time for students to take notes, so rational and systematic in the article are more a lack of respect.

Second, because teachers need to continue to operate a computer about, and therefore the interaction with the student's communication is not sufficient. Needless to say, school teachers, in large part requires constant interaction and communication with students. Many experienced senior teachers is fine for each observation of students master the knowledge behind the knowledge of its true condition. And this interaction is essential for every teacher.

Third, the use of some large amount of text or numbers of courses, such as law, mathematics, its content was doomed to be the use of concepts, judgments, logic and reasoning to express, if also solely emphasizing the use of courseware to teach the times it becomes a matter The power half, the effect probably will not very good.

In summary, although the university on behalf of teaching with multimedia courseware for higher education in modern high-tech fashion trend, but in practical application, but also on the spirit of "seeking truth from facts" approach, according to local conditions, because of course the system should, the people desirable, but not indiscriminate, but should not be rude to "cut" in order to better achieve traditional teaching methods and the complementary advantages of modern technology, and then complement each other.

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