Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Job 10 kinds of unhealthy attitude towards students

Shyness. Lost in the written submissions and run job site, facing recruiters stammer, blush, such a person is naturally uncomfortable employer appreciated.

Career psychology. "Learning and the Official Career," an official is the only proper that, Qiaojiannaodai to "Yamen" drill, did not realize that these places are the relationship between strength and Competition, well very people who can enter, and the results are mostly ending up first broken blood flow.

Mental comparisons. Some students say "level", during which I feel results in the campus than you, honor more than you, "official" than you, of course, work should be better than you. But I do not know the employer does not judge talent as the sole criterion, the keen rivalry of the "outstanding student" can only in the "standing above the crowd" to appreciate the lonely days and lonely.

Psychotherapy. Some students lack of independence, go out to see the Federation Ella parents, classmates and companions, or a buddy to help co-applicants the same unit by fixing the future take care of each other, this non-assertive and enterprising graduates will be the employer abandoned.

Psychological dependence. They do not hurry to find work, which climbed all day thinking about the relationship between relatives and friends, get some money to buy a job, so I am afraid that difficult to do long posts bought.

Local mental.杩欎簺澶у鐢熶笉鎰垮嚭杩滈棬锛屽彧鎰垮湪鐪煎墠鐨勨?涓?憨涓夊垎鍦扳?閲屽氨涓氾紝鍙︿竴浜涗汉鍒欐棭鏃╃櫥涓婄埍鎯呮柟鑸燂紝姣曚笟鍚庝负涓庡彟涓?崐鐣欏畧鍚屼竴鎴樺鑰屾瀹堜竴鏂癸紝杩欐牱鐨勪汉榧犵洰瀵稿厜锛岄毦鏈変綔涓恒?

Conservative psychology. Lack of sense of competition, not the challenge, or holding modesty "virtue" without letting go, afraid to reveal their own strengths and characteristics of the tiger air, loyalty are not, such people are not naturally favored employers.

Low on the psychological.涓庝繚瀹堝績鐞嗙浉鍙嶏紝杩欎簺浜烘?瑙夊緱绔炰簤婵?儓锛岃嚜宸辨妧涓嶅浜猴紝閬傜敇鎷滀笅椋庯紝涓嶆暍瀵硅嚜宸扁?鏄庣爜鏍囦环鈥濓紝鎵句釜涔板鑽夎崏鍗栧嚭銆?For some units out of the unequal agreements entered into with eyes closed, serious risks to future work.
World-weary psychological. These students thought radical, trendy, always put "cool", did not go out looking for work, low wages and there too badly treated here, one that is their job to the boss, do not say you can not find the money owed was also down a bunch of money.

False psychology. Fake degree, fake certificates, fake honor, etc. are not knocking on the door of employment straw, can not fake after all long, but only harm their reputation, destroy their future.



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